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About Privacy Policy

apricoworks (the "Company") is for a variety of personal information entrusted to us, we strive to protect personal information in accordance with the following policies in light of the social importance of protecting personal information .

Privacy Policy

  1. Our services, provide information materials, Membership, Shipping prizes, such as when job applicants, we pride ourselves on the handling of personal information will be. Beyond the extent necessary to achieve the purposes identified, will not be used for purposes other personal information.
  2. We are respecting the dignity of the individual, national guidelines and other norms such as laws regarding personal information, submit a compliance with the social order, in accordance with the kind of house rules, committed to protecting the personal information held by the Company The.

Handling of personal information

In apricoworks, your personal information to comply with privacy laws and other norms, ensuring that the proper handling according to the contents described below.

Personal Information Management

apricoworks the disclosure of personal information, loss, damage, etc. to prevent the destruction, laws, guidelines and in accordance with internal regulations, subjected to appropriate safety control measures, and strive to protect personal information held. Also conducted training on the proper handling of personal information such as its employees strive to make assurance doubly sure to protect it.

For the purpose of obtaining and using personal information

apricoworks, if you help us get the customer's personal information, do this in a proper way. In addition, the acquisition of personal information is intended apricoworks, if you provide via the Web or directly from you in writing, the purpose of use of our personal information.
apricoworks will use personal information to the extent necessary to achieve the purposes set forth below.

  • To ensure delivery of mail and sign up for email delivery service
  • To confirm the registration and the provision of services to the various membership services
  • Products purchased for shipping
  • Like to send you survey reward you for your cooperation
  • Like to send you free gifts for you and verifying your application
  • Improved products and services that have utilized our, to develop new services
  • In order to deliver the products and services such as information related to the offering
  • And communication to ensure that applicants who apply to the recruitment advertising
  • Contact us for, to answer

Provision of personal information to third parties

apricoworks, except in the following cases, that will not provide personal information to third parties.

  • If you have been in advance for your consent
  • Achieve the purposes for, if subcontractors to provide appropriate supervision to perform apricoworks
  • Holds personal information to third parties for the purpose of providing, its purpose and the data
  • Items that are offered, providing means, the state has put our knowledge to facilitate the notification or request to stop the target offer If
  • Person's life, if there is a need for the protection of health or property, if it is difficult to obtain the consent of the customer
  • If ordered to provide the person entrusted in accordance with law or a national agency or local government

For inquiries and procedures for disclosure of personal information

The customer himself, disclose your personal information, corrections, additions, etc. If you wish to delete the above "contact support" Customer contact thank you.

When contacting, or your identity for you, we will confirm it, Please note. (However, unless otherwise permitted by law was not in) the disclosure, correction, addition, deletion, etc. If you wish, for

Various procedures, the above "contact customer response," Please confirm.

Furthermore, apricoworks is a member of our authorized personal information protection organization below. Customers complaints about the handling of personal information to apricoworks, can not be resolved between apricoworks, because of its resolution, you can offer your organization the following advice.

Handling of personal information Web Site

Cookie (Cookie) for

Cookie (cookies), so that you can comfortably use the Web site, customer information your browser sends to a Web server. In apricoworks, you will take you to our Web site, Cookie (Cookie) may be used. In addition, customers, Cookie (Cookie) can also be configured to refuse, in which case We reserve could not be available for all or part of the services provided on our Web site Please.
Handling of personal information on Web sites operated by other than apricoworks being linked can not be responsible.


apricoworks, due to changes in laws, etc., may change this Privacy Policy.